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Joining and using SafeCheckIn is EASY and can be a lifesaver! First you sign up and give us CONFIDENTIAL information so we can have enough background to give any one who is your responder contact. This information includes:

For your Event profile:

All listed items will be held in strictest confidence and ONLY released to /personal contacts/rescue/police/authorities if you are overdue. All information is optional and you can enter additional or change information when you schedule an event. For example, if you are going with a friend, you can enter their vehicle information, their name, description etc., for that event only or you can change your Notification contact person(s).

  • Home phone number, cell phone number
  • Age, Height, weight, sex
  • Hair: Brown, Black, Blonde, Gray, Balding, shaved, short long, medium
  • Eyes: green, blue, gray, hazel, varies, contacts, glasses,
  • Mustache, Beard, Tattoos,
  • Physical condition: Fair, good, athletic, excellent Any medical conditions, Asthma, Diabetes etc. (text box)
  • Car brand, model, color, license number
  • 2nd car brand, model, license number

Notification contacts: These are people that we will first contact to notify and consult in case you are overdue. Make sure that these people are told that they are emergency contacts. We suggest family members, close friends or employers as Notification contacts. Please keep their contact information updated and review it often. If you DO NOT want any personal contacts and wish us to contact local authorities immediately, please check the appropriate box at signup or when you update your account.

You can update your personal information, contacts and contact information at anytime and we encourage you to review it before EVERY event submission.

You can use the service for ANY PURPOSE that you can check out for and then check in after…dates, hiking, skiing, road trips, evenings out, hunting, fishing, camping…whenever you leave home for at least 2 hours.


SafeCheckIn is only $8.99 for a month or $21.99 for a 3-month membership.  We are also offering a limited time One Year membership for $75.  This includes 24/7/365 human monitoring and unlimited use. 

If you check out and do not check in when expected, we will first attempt to contact you by cell phone (text and voice). To make sure we do not get anyone alarmed we do our best to contact you first by phone or text! If we cannot contact you after 3 attempts, we will then begin our process to contact your notification contacts and inform them of your overdue status. Once we have contacted one of your notification contacts, we will turn the decision of what to do next over to them. If they are reluctant to assume responsibility, we will notify the local authorities.

Once responsibility has been passed on, we will follow up within an hour to assess what action has been taken. WE WILL NOT ASSUME ANYTHING WITHOUT FOLLOW UP!


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