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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is SafeCheckIn?

What is an Event?

How often can I use SafeCheckIn?

How much does it cost?

How does checking OUT and IN work?

If I am overdue, when does SafeCheckIn begin to take action?

What happens when I am overdue?

Can I use SafeCheckIn with others?

What happens if it is a false alarm or I forget to notify SafeCheckIn?

Can I update my SafeCheckIn contacts?

Can I appeal a suspended account and the FALSE ALARM fee?

How do I renew or cancel?

How does SafeCheckIn protect my privacy?

What about GPS?

I always have my cell phone so why do I need SafeCheckIn?

Cell phone batteries die, there is not always service where you are and what happens if the cell phone fails or you are not able to physically use a phone.  Nobody plans on a dead battery or to get hurt so bad as to not communicate for help.  Backup…backup and backup! Nothing can replace the relaiblity of a human/technology combination to make sure you are safe. Plan as best as possible but ALWAYS have a backup and SafeCheckIn is exactly that…your reliable backup!

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