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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is SafeCheckIn?

What is an Event?

How often can I use SafeCheckIn?

How much does it cost?

How does checking OUT and IN work?

If I am overdue, when does SafeCheckIn begin to take action?

What happens when I am overdue?

Can I use SafeCheckIn with others?

What happens if it is a false alarm or I forget to notify SafeCheckIn?

Can I update my SafeCheckIn contacts?

Can I appeal a suspended account and the FALSE ALARM fee?

How do I renew or cancel?

How does SafeCheckIn protect my privacy?

What about GPS?

First of all, GPS systems need a clear view of the sky. That means if you are in a building, canyon or in a dense woods you will have problems.  Second, they only tell you where YOU are. What good is knowing where you are if nobody else does? Even the ones that do have communication abilities are VERY limited in what information they can communicate. And third, what happens if you are in trouble and you cannot communicate your status?  GPS is fine as long as you don’t sprain an ankle, find your self immobilized, get assaulted or the batteries don’t die. 

OnStar and similar systems are also good as long as you have cell service and you are in your car. You need a backup for GPS and cellular services!

I always have my cell phone so why do I need SafeCheckIn?

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