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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is SafeCheckIn?

What is an Event?

How often can I use SafeCheckIn?

How much does it cost?

How does checking OUT and IN work?

If I am overdue, when does SafeCheckIn begin to take action?

What happens when I am overdue?

We do not want to alarm anyone unless we have exhausted our options. We begin first by calling you on your cell phone. We will both text and call a number of times to try to reach you.  If we cannot reach you within approximately 30 min of your overdue time, we then call your contacts (responders) until we reach someone to notify. We then discuss and decide with your contact if notifying the proper authorities is in order. If we cannot reach any of your primary contacts or you have instructed us to directly notify the police or other responsible authorities (after attempting your cell number of course), we immediately call your suggested responder. We will give the responder all information we have about you and your "EVENT". Also, if your suggested responder is unable or unwilling to accept responsibility for your case, we will continue to contact other responders until we have positive action.

We can send all information about your event by email along with your personal information and picture to any contact or to the authorities so they have all the information they need to begin a search.

Can I use SafeCheckIn with others?

What happens if it is a false alarm or I forget to notify SafeCheckIn?

Can I update my SafeCheckIn contacts?

Can I appeal a suspended account and the FALSE ALARM fee?

How do I renew or cancel?

How does SafeCheckIn protect my privacy?

What about GPS?

I always have my cell phone so why do I need SafeCheckIn?

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