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What is SafeCheckIn?

Members "checkout" when they leave and "checkin" when done.  These are called "events" and you can set them up in a matter of seconds.

  • Enter in where you are going and when you expect to arrive back.
  • After you have arrived safely back you "checkin" online, by email or text message.
  • If the you become overdue, SafeCheckIn will attempt first to call you by cell phone/text. If we cannot reach you, SafeCheckIn will begin to notify and inform your primary contacts.


Real People...

On duty to give you the security of knowing when YOU go OVERDUE, somebody is notified and takes action to help FIND you!...

And we KEEP your Private life private


Do you have a job where you visit unfamiliar homes and locations?

Signing Agent * Notary * Estimator

Realtor * Process Server * Home Care

Do you have activities you enjoy alone?

Hiking * Biking * Ski/Snowboarding

Road trips * Climbing * Kayacking      

*No expensive equipment to buy, maintain  or carry. 
*No complicated processes 
to set up. 



Feel Free to call us with ANY questions, how to set up an event or how to best use the service!

Serving US and Canada

Be SAFE for 2015!


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An "APP" is not going to save you.  Phones die, get lost, get taken away and go out of range.  You need a HUMAN to make sure...


Ask yourself TWO questions:

1. If you go out alone and something unexpected happens, will someone notice you're missing?

2. Realizing you are missing, will anyone know where to start looking? 

Who goes missing?

According to the National Crime Information Center, there were 87,217 active missing person records in 2012 (Last year available NCIC link)

 "For years we’ve been trying to talk to people about filing trip plans and itineraries. This Web site will be a fantastic thing and will help all around."
-Walt Jones, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue coordinator.

"It would definitely benefit to have a system like this because there’s nothing out there that’s doing this sort of thing. The quicker you get the information, the quicker you can act on it."
-Sgt. Tim Hargrove of the Truckee Police Department

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 Do you...

Shop alone, go on dates, take weekend trips, go to school far from home, or do outdoor sports? 

Don't hope...PLAN a backup been the answer I have been looking for.  I am a single woman and travel frequently for work. I have had friends and family express concern for my safety when I do not tell anyone where I am going for the weekend, the day or the evening.  While I understood their concern, I was not comfortable telling friends or family every time I came and went. I am someone that believes that a woman should always have her cell phone with her, at least a half tank of gas, $20 bucks and a credit card.  I could not seem to find an easy way to tell someone of my schedule and keep my privacy at the same time. is a perfect match for me and my lifestyle.
J. LaPrath, Ventura County,CA

I can't tell  you how much I appreciate the service that Safe check in provides to me. I am a single woman who loves to walk her dog and hike in the woods and bluffs in my area. Cell phone reception is nonexistent when you are near the bluffs. I have peace of mind knowing that someone will know just where to look for me if I don't make it home on time. It is so easy and I recommend your service to all of my single friends.  I also recommend your site to all my friends who like to hike,  snowmobile and cross-country ski.  Even men can get lost or hurt and be out of cell phone range. Thank you again. 
Cindy Bailey, Tomah, WI

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Crime Prevention 101 on Dating Safety (Listen
Field and Stream Radio and Good Stuff Network 
Seen on: CBS, NBC, RSN, KOLD-TV Tucson, KSL TV Salt Lake City

Articles: The Reno Gazette-Journal, Tahoe Daily Journal,Nevada Appeal, Arizona Republic, First Tracks Ski Magazine, GetOutdoors,ParkCity Record, and many more. 

DON'T BECOME A Victim!  DON'T BECOME A Statistic...

Recent stories:

 I found myself on a rural country road, broken down car, no cell coverage and all my GPS did was tell me where I was...stranded!  Once I went overdue SafeCheckIn contacted my bother (my primary contact) and he tracked me down within an hour.  THANK YOU for your great service. -Rhonda H, IA

I feel better knowing that my daughter attending USC uses SafeCheckIn when she leaves the dorm.  She likes the privacy (from Mom's prying) and I like knowing that I will be the first called if she is overdue. -Diane A, AZ


We support the work of Project Angel Eyes

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Today 11 Hikers Will Require Rescue
Backpacker Magazine
... however, when you consider that Parks Services oversees 400 sites and is responsible for the safety of roughly 275 annual visitors, only 11 injuries a ...

*83% of people who go missing leave NO CLUE as where they went! Searchers, police, friends and relatives have no place to start to look and often begin days or weeks after the person went missing.

Click below to find out why cell phones & GPS services CANNOT be relied upon!

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Your SAFETY and PRIVACY is primary! We protect your privacy in FIVE ways.

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